Christmas Gift Ideas For The Whole Family

It happens to us all. You’re out and about, you pop into a shop and there it is: Christmas! ‘But it’s only September, it’s far too early for Christmas!’, you say to yourself…but it comes around quicker every year. In a matter of weeks, the kids have gone back to school, you’ve turned up the thermostat, you’ve dug your winter coats out of the cupboard and, as the nights draw in, you wonder ‘is it this weekend that the clocks go back? Before you know it we’re deep into October and, once Halloween is out of the way, Christmas mode is in full-swing. You’ll be thinking about gifts for your parents, for your kids, for your family and your friends. Nobody likes doing the Christmas shopping in a last-minute panic and, with going out and physically buying things still not without its challenges in 2021, doing so from the comfort of your own home with a chilled glass of wine seems like a much less stressful prospect. We’re here to take the stress out of deciding what to buy with our selection of unique, personalised animal prints which are thoughtful, loving, utterly gorgeous, and - importantly at Christmas - incredibly easy to order!

Making Mum feel Special

Mums deserve our gratitude throughout the year, not just on Mother’s Day - and that was months ago now! If you’re the type of family that goes all-out at Christmas then chances are she’ll be as busy as ever on the day, too. So as well as giving her a hand preparing all those delicious Brussels Sprouts that everyone pretends to love at Xmas, remind her how much you care with this beautiful personalised portrait of a Mummy giraffe with her baby.

 Giraffe Portrait Family Of Two | One Adult One Child | Custom Names Print

 We also offer family prints of different combinations of adults and children - you can check out the full range here.

Dads Love Cute Things too!

If your dad is anything like mine, Christmas is the perfect excuse for him to sit in his favourite chair with his tipple of choice while watching classic war films and re-runs of old comedy specials that aren’t as funny as they used to be. But he’ll have more than earned his treat after a year of leading his pack - so what better animal to represent that than the majesty of a wolf? You can place dad alongside the pups he’s so proud of, or any combination of adults and babies. He’s sure to love it, and it’s the perfect thing for him to look at before he falls asleep farting on the sofa. Ahhh, Christmas...

Your Wolf Family! Wolf Family Custom Names Print | Nursery Wall Art

 If your dad is more of a lion than a wolf (or maybe even a unicorn!) then we have those available, too, as well as dozens of other different animal family designs - see the full range here.

Something Thoughtful for the Grandparents

Christmas is a great excuse (as if one was needed!) to bring all generations of the family together and if there’s one present that’s going to be absolutely adored, it’s that one that Nan and Grandad get from their grandchildren. Chances are they spend the year spoiling them, so why not spoil them back with a gorgeous family print of the most christmassy of British birds, the robin.

You can bring all of the children and grandchildren together to represent all generations on one beautiful print. If you like, let us know the ages in your request and we can make the animals different sizes to personalise it even further - a service we’re happy to provide across all of our personalised family prints.

Your Robin Family! Robin Family Custom Names Print | Nursery Wall Art

 We have lots of different bird-themed family designs available - see the full range here

Keeping Loved Ones Close with Memorial Gifts

Christmas can be a difficult time for those who’ve lost loved ones and while it is a time of the year to be celebrated, it’s also one to remember those who are no longer with us. A memorial print hung by the dining table or placed on the mantelpiece is a touching way for those who have sadly passed on to be with your family in spirit.

Robin Couple Memorial Art Print | Robins Appear when Loved Ones are Near | Custom Bereavement Gift

We also offer prints featuring two robins, or if you prefer, cardinals. See our memorial prints here.

Gifts For Dog Lovers

Christmas isn’t just something to be enjoyed for humans. Anyone who has a dog will feel that they can sense the excitement too, and the presence of discarded wrapping paper and empty boxes can keep them entertained for hours… as will the prospect of getting secretly fed morsels of turkey under the dinner table. Our gorgeous gifts are perfect for any dog-mad brother or sister - or you could even buy one as a gift for your actual dog! With a variety of styles and different inspirational quotes, the adorable designs with neutral style will look great in any room in any house… and especially good by your pup’s favourite snoozing spot.

Golden Retriever Smile Art Print | You're my favourite reason to smile


Goldendoodle "Home Sweet Home" Sleeping Dog Art Print

We have lots of other dog designs available including Pugs, Corgis, and Border Collies - see the full collection of cat & dog prints here.

Feel-Good Gifts For Reptile Lovers

As lovely and cosy as Christmas can be, there can come a time when you get a bit fed up with the chaos, the drizzle and the dark of winter. Maybe you just want to look forward to laying out in the sun somewhere and relaxing without a care in the world… just like a lizard! So maybe you could give a little positivity boost for the reptile lover in the family with this cheeky bearded dragon print with the mantra ‘Keep your chin up’ - we can learn a lot from those little guys!Bearded Dragon Art Print "Keep your chin up" | Lizard Print

There are lots more reptile prints available on our online shop, including blue-tongued skinks, leopard geckos, and crested geckos - see the collection here. Go on, have a look - they’re way cuter than you might think!

Something Cuddly for the Bunny Rabbit Lovers

If you’re after something more ‘traditionally’ cute for the bunny rabbit lovers out there, then how about this print of three snuggly rabbits featuring the quote ‘a house is not a home without bunny rabbits’. We challenge anybody not to find this unbelievably adorable.

Bunnies Print "A house is not a home without bunnies"

We even have guinea pig prints too for those who like their rodents a little smaller, a bit rounder, and a LOT louder! You can see the full collection of bunny rabbits and guinea pigs here

For The Little Ones 

Are you looking for a gift for baby’s first Christmas? Then you’re in luck! We have gorgeous baby name prints featuring a bunch of cute baby animals, from fluffy little penguins to bouncing baby lambs.

Penguin Baby Name Print | New Baby Gift | Nursery Wall Art

 Twin Lamb Baby Name Sign | Sheep New Baby Gift | Nursery Wall Art

Featuring their name and birthday, the baby name prints range has designs available for individuals, twins or triplets - see the full collection here.

The Secret Santa Dilemma

Oh no. It was Monday morning, you hadn’t your coffee yet, and your overly-enthusiastic (but otherwise lovely!) colleague managed to convince you to join this year’s workplace Secret Santa. Worst of all, you don’t even recognise the name you’ve pulled out of the hat. Gulp.

We’ve all been there, right? Secret Santa gifts can be some of the absolute hardest to buy but we reckon these feel-good prints will go down a treat with whoever you’ve picked out. Whether it’s for a good friend or a casual colleague, these prints will be sure to put a smile on their face and brighten the walls of their home or office.

Sloth on Branch Good Vibes Print "Relax, there's always tomorrow"

Sleeping Panda Print "Happiness is a Lazy Day"

Putting Family First

When you’re a kid, Christmas is all about presents. The older you get, the more Christmas becomes about all the other things that surround it. Sure, the child in all of us still loves getting presents, but at some point, the best gift stops being the latest toy or flashiest gadget, and is instead about a gift that represents all of the other great things about this time of year. It’s the time spent with family, the being thoughtful, seeing everyone happy and laughing, the bad jokes in crackers, making memories, togetherness… and of course, eating your own body weight in roast potatoes and gravy. We haven’t yet figured out a way to make our prints taste like a roast dinner, but we hope we can go some way towards achieving the other things - gifts that will bring happiness to your loved ones long after the decorations and the tree have come down. Merry Christmas!  

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