Personalised Animal Family Father's Day Gifts for the best Dads and Grandads

Fathers Day Personalised Gift Animal Family Name Prints

Our custom printed family name animal wall art prints feature up to 18 names - upgrade to a neutral and natural wooden frame for the extra wow factor.

Choose from 10 names (small) 14 names (medium) to a whopping 18 names (large) for extended animal family prints.

Your order will be usually be processed in 3/4 working days, so if you order on a Friday afternoon then your dispatch notification may not be until the following Wednesday or Thursday. Please bear this in mind as Royal Mail are still experiencing a heavy workload so remember to order well in advance.

2022 Fathers Day Sunday 19th June - Custom Printed Wall Art Presents

From the moment they find out that a little one is on the way, dads spring into action - and they never stop. From big jobs, such as decorating baby’s new room or volunteering to help with after-school activities, right through to small things, like knowing exactly where that charging cable is in his big box of mystery junk - they all have one of those, don’t they? And then there’s the terrible dad jokes, always able to put a smile on your face, even during your stroppiest teenage moments. (Did you hear about the magic tractor? It turned into a field!) It’s not just dads, either. So many men out there - be it a grandparent, an uncle, an older brother, a school teacher, a sports coach - will be a positive role model and mentor for your little ones throughout the course of their life.
Dads can be notoriously impossible to buy presents for. Sure, they’ll love socks and whisky, but this Father’s Day, how about adding a gift that’s a little more personal? Our wide range of beautiful personalised prints will show him just how much he means to you, and to the family that loves him so much.


Personalised Lion Family Names Print for the Role Model You’re Proud Of

There’s a lot of pride in being a father, so what better animal to represent that than a pride of lions? Protective of their pride and playful with their cubs, male lions are one of the most recognisable animals in the animal kingdom thanks to their glorious, flowing manes, making this print the perfect way to highlight dad and the other male role models in your family. You can add different numbers of adults and babies, so if you want to celebrate all the generations of dads in your extended family, then you can!


Lion family personalised animal family names print


Personalised lion family names art print

When you order one of these personalised Lion family prints, you can specify the male and female names on your order request to include manes on the adult males and no mane on the adult females. However, as lion cubs don’t grow their manes until they reach adulthood, all of our baby cub illustrations are neutral so will suit any name perfectly. This also makes it a great gift for expectant fathers who might not be sure what they’re about to be blessed with!

Customise this Wolf Family Print with any names especially for the Leader of the Pack

If your dad is anything like mine, then Sunday is the day where he puts his feet up and watches sport on the telly - the only difference with Father’s Day is that we’re not allowed to be annoyed by the shouting at the football and questionable smells he emits. We joke with love. He’s absolutely earned the right to relax after a busy week of leading the pack and a wolf is therefore the perfect animal to represent him and his family. You can place dad alongside the pups he’s so proud of, or any combination of adults and babies. He’s sure to love it so much that hopefully it’ll calm him down enough that he doesn’t want to shout at the football. If you’re really lucky, maybe he’ll fall asleep watching cricket. We can’t help with the farting, though - sorry!

Wolf family personalised animal family names print

Personalised wolf family names art print

If your dad is more of a cuddly bear, majestic stag, or even a lazy sloth then we have families of those available, too, as well as dozens of other different animal family designs - see the full range here.

A gift from the little ones especially for grandad

Grandads are special, special people. All the fun elements of being a dad become amplified, they spoil the grandkids, they play games and get to act like a child again, and they shower love upon them. But although they get to be fun, they never stop being a dad either. He supports you as a new parent, he’s a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend, a person to babysit when you’re shattered and need a bit of time to yourself. He’s the wise owl of the family and you love him dearly. Father’s Day is for grandad as well, so show him how much you love and appreciate him with this adorable owl family.


Owl family personalised animal family names print


Personalised owl family names art print

It’s a great way to show the generations of your family and our owl family prints have been especially popular as gifts for grandparents. But, if you’d like something more colourful, we also have these personalised Bluebird Family name prints.

A Special Way to say Thank You Dad or Grandad

If you’d rather give a more personalised gift for Father’s Day then these ‘Thank You’ prints should fit the bill and show him just how appreciated he is. You can add any message beneath the name to tell him just how much he means to you, whether it’s a short and sweet “I love you Dad”, or a longer, more personalised message, such as “You are the best Dad I could wish for, thank you for always being there”. You can even personalise the name, which also makes this a great gift for Grandad - especially if your little one has a cute word for him like ‘Grangrad’, ‘Gampa’, or ‘Gramps’. Available with a variety of different animal designs, it’ll be immortalised forever in a cherished gift which is sure to make him feel proud.


Highland Cow Personalised Thank You Fathers Day Gift for Dad


Personalised Thank You Father’s Day Gift with Highland Cows

Memorial Art Prints to Keep a Loved One in your Thoughts

Sadly some loved ones are no longer here, but can always be kept in our thoughts with these personalised remembrance art prints. Robins have long been viewed as spiritual animals and seen as messengers of good wishes and joy, with stories in folklore suggesting that their iconic red breast is the result of helping souls in the afterlife. As a result, the saying goes that ‘Robins appear when loved ones are near’, with many believing that a visit from a robin is a visit from a lost relative or loved one.


Robin Memorial Print with Any Name


Robin Bird Memorial Art Print - Robins Appear when Loved Ones are Near

These robin memorial prints can be customised with one or two birds and any names you’d like. A lovely way to commemorate the fathers and grandfathers who may be gone, but certainly not forgotten.

Something for the Reptile Lovers

Did you know that the blue-tongued skink uses the UV light emitted by its bright blue tongue to ward off predators? Or that the bearded dragon will turn its ‘beard’ black and puff it out to make it look bigger and scarier? Or that the leopard gecko can drop it’s own tail and grow a new one if it needs to make a quick getaway? They sound like the sort of things only superheroes can do. You know who else is like a superhero? Dads. Sometimes they’ll go to such lengths to care for us that it feels like they’d cut off their own arm if they felt it’d make your life even slightly better.


Reptile set of prints with Leopard Gecko, Blue Tongued Skink, Bearded Dragon, Crested Gecko


Reptile prints set of 4 - Bearded dragon, Leopard gecko, Blue tongued skink, Crested gecko

If your dad is like this, or maybe if he just loves reptiles, then these striking prints of a leopard gecko, blue-tongued skink, bearded dragon, or crested gecko can either be ordered as a set or individually - perfect for any reptile room or man cave.

A striking Lion Portrait for the Safari animal lovers

If reptiles aren’t his thing, then how about a lion? This beautiful close-up portrait of a lion shows the magnificent beast off in all of its glory. Lions represent strength, courage, confidence, and leadership. It’s sure to make your dad feel like the king of the jungle everytime he looks at it, whether he hangs it in the family room, man cave, or even the downstairs loo.

Proud Lion Art Print

Quirky Axolotl prints for the Weird & Wonderful

Lets be honest, dads can be weird. Whether they’re rocking socks and sandals, obsessing over a minute detail of something extremely unimportant, or playing with a child’s toy slightly too enthusiastically, sometimes it can be hard to understand if they’re doing it to make you laugh or if it’s just…them. They’re weird and wonderful and they forge their own path - just like an axolotl. These strange-looking water-dwelling creatures are essentially salamanders that haven’t been through the metamorphosis phase. They’re pretty much babies that never grow up… just like dads.

Galactic Axolotl Art Print

Axolotls can also regenerate basically any part of them that gets damaged - limbs, skin, organs, you name it. That’s a good thing, too, because when an axolotl hatches, its first meal will often be… bits of its siblings. Yeah, it all sounds a bit gross, but these fascinating animals are basically a fun fact machine, so buying him an axolotl print isn’t just a quirky gift, it’s a gateway to a load of trivia which he’ll have great fun learning about and then telling to everyone he knows. If a space-themed one isn’t your thing, we also have a more natural Leucistic (Pink) axolotl which you can find here.

Get the perfect gift for Dad & Grandad this Father’s Day

Dads are many things. They can be, funny, weird, and sometimes just plain embarrassing. But above all they’re caring, loving, resourceful and, though they might not show it, they’re definitely sentimental. And that’s what can make it so hard to buy Father’s Day gifts. Sure, socks, a novelty gadget and a bottle of his favourite tipple will go down a treat, but they can be a bit impersonal. Maybe he’d love something which leaves more of a lasting impression. A print that represents his family and reminds him of the love, laughter and happiness that he’s been such a massive part of will last long after the socks have been lost to the washing machine and the bottle has gone into the recycling. A beautiful print should last a lifetime and will help make every day that he looks at it feel like Father’s Day.

If you haven’t seen his favourite animal in this blog post, be sure to check out our full range of prints at


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