New Baby Name and Date Animal Wall Art - Handmade Nursery Prints

Handmade Nursery Prints - New Baby Name and Date Animal Wall Art

Bring the joys of spring inside with these sunny baby room ideas!

 Christmas only felt like it was yesterday and yet, somehow, Spring is already underway - the days are getting lighter, the weather’s getting warmer (very much a relative term in the UK!) and, as flowers bloom and trees blossom, the world outside our windows becomes a bit more colourful. Spring is a time of new life, new beginnings, and unbridled optimism - what could be a more appropriate theme for your little one’s new nursery? 

Baby Nursery - Spring and Summer colour palette

Nurseries are all about keeping things bright, airy, and fresh - think pastel colour palettes, natural decor and cute, calming patterns. Something like this mixture of soft pinks, lemon yellows and pale greens just radiates spring - but it also works brilliantly throughout the summer months. Even if it’s a grey and rainy day outside, these colours inject a feeling of natural sunlight which will make your nursery feel comforting and safe year-round.


Katie Davis Design Haskell Nursery Decor

Haskell Nursery - Katie Davis Design


Make things cosy with natural and tactile materials

 One of the things that make being outside in nature so relaxing is the mixture of different textures - the soft grass, the fluffiness of a dandelion, the tactile feel of bark on the trees. Of course you don’t want to lay down turf and flower beds in your baby’s room, but incorporating different textures and materials such as natural wood, leaf, wool and rattan into your decor can add layers of depth to the room and really highlight feelings of comfort and relaxation.


Natural Knitted Palm Leaf Moses Basket

This beautiful palm leaf Moses Basket, made from organic materials, would make a wonderful focal point for the room which is sure to provide all the comfort your baby needs. Add in the simple, elegant pine wood stand and straight away you’ve got three different textures and materials in one piece of furniture which can be easily folded and stored away when needed.


Pottery Barn Kids Luxe Sherpa Blanket

These sherpa blankets are a real treat, offering a classic cable-knit pattern, a luxurious fleece lining, and fluffy pom-pom detailing on the corners for something which will be every bit as comfortable for your baby as it looks. You’d better get an extra one for yourself - parents deserve to be comfortable, too!


Bloomingville Wood Rug

Whether you’ve got hard floors or carpet, a rug can do so much to tie a room together - and is there anyone who doesn’t like the sumptuous feeling of wool under their feet? This gorgeous Bloomingville wool rug will further soften your nursery and its neutral colour will complement any theme.


Put a spring in your step with an Easter bunny family portrait

 Spring also means Easter, and what’s the first thing you think of when you think of Easter? Well, yeah, we’d say chocolate too - but bunnies are pretty high up the list as well and, being soft and impossibly cute, they tick a lot of boxes when it comes to a spring-themed nursery. These absolutely adorable custom bunny rabbit family portraits not only add a touch of easter to a room but, with their gentle brown and pink hues, they work as a piece of decor year-round, further complementing the light and airy spring feel of a nursery or playroom.


Bunny rabbit family print


Apply the Easter feel to a feature wall

 Of course, any baby animal is going to remind you of all the good things about spring and easter, so you could even turn that into a feature wall. This farm animal nursery set comes in single - and twin - animal designs and is just about as cute as it gets. The pinks and yellows fit perfectly with the colour scheme and, as they’re printed on high-quality textured art paper, will even add a bit of texture to a room.

 Farm animal nursery print set

And if you’ve got a lamb print on the wall, why not bring it to life with a charming little Sitting Sheep stuffed toy! Whether it’s playing with your little one or snuggling with them at night, it’s sure to be an incredibly cute little accessory.

Keel Toys Sitting Sheep


Bring nature indoors with patterns and prints

If you are making a feature wall, then a room can be made to pop with a nice patterned wallpaper. For a nursery you don’t want anything too bright and vibrant, but this Ochre Floral wallpaper for instance adds a burst of yellow without being too intrusive. You can really bring a room to life by including patterned textiles elsewhere, such as with cushion covers or blankets. You can even make cupboard spaces more interesting by lining them with wallpaper.


Alisha Yellow Ochre Floral Wallpaper


Copenhagen Playmat Blanket

A printed playmat blanket is another way to do this. We absolutely love this quilted caramel leaves playmat blanket design, which will look as lovely folded on a chair as it would open on the floor as your baby plays on it (and it’ll help protect that lovely soft rug!).


Create a buzz with a custom Bumblebee family portrait

Fancy something a little different? Then how about this. There’s something very reassuring about hearing a bumblebee buzz around newly-blossomed flowers as the world wakes up from its winter slumber - so why not celebrate your family and your little one with a custom bumblebee family portrait.

 Bee Family Print

Inspire positive and uplifting moments

 It’s not always easy to keep positive, especially if you have a new arrival and you’re operating on the bare minimum of sleep, so sometimes it’s worth reminding yourself that things are going to be alright with a few positive affirmations. 


Yellow Sloth "Be The Sunshine" Art Print

Even if things are tough, this motivational sloth print reminds you that a sunny outlook can make the world of difference to both yourself and your baby. We all have the capability to be someone’s sunshine, which seems especially appropriate for Easter when the sun starts to warm things up and bring life back into the world.


Mammas & Papas yellow "Dream" star cushion

Sometimes, one word is all it takes to inspire hope, joy, and happiness. Spreading a few items of encouragement around your nursery, like this endearing "Dream" star cushion, can help project positive vibes into a room and create an environment that helps to nurture both yourself and your baby.


Make it a loving space where your whole family can grow together

 Although we all think of a nursery as a room for your baby, it’s ultimately a room for you as well. If it makes you happy and is somewhere you want to be, then that’s going to make you smile. And if you’re feeling good, that’s going to rub off on your baby and help to make them feel happy as well. And when they’re smiling, you’ll be smiling too.What greater gift of joy is there than the smile and laughter of your little one!


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