Top 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Guinea Pig Lovers - Personalised Pet Prints

If we had to make a list of the world’s cutest animals, guinea pigs would definitely be somewhere right near the top. From their cute little faces to their array of adorable squeaks and noises, guinea pigs make for absolutely wonderful pets and companions which quickly become a much-loved part of the family. As anyone with guinea pigs will know, their portion of your house can rapidly expand as you dote on them with bigger pens, more blanket forts, and cosier hidey-holes, so why not really celebrate your cosy cavy corner with some adorable personalised artwork of your four-legged friends? If you’re looking for a unique, handmade pet portrait which is both gorgeous to look at and - importantly in these times - cost effective, then these adorable piggy prints are perfect. They make for a thoughtful present for guinea pig lovers, and you could even buy one for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day for any guinea pig mums and dads out there. Or you could simply buy one for yourself - treat yourself, you deserve it!

Personalised guinea pig pet name print in your choice of fur colour and pattern

One of the many joys of guinea pigs is that they’re all so different. Not just in terms of their personalities, but also in the way they look. Rough coats, smooth coats, white, black, brown, multi-coloured. You can select from all of these options when specifying your custom guinea pig print to make it unique to its recipient. Once you’ve chosen its fur type and selected one of the many colour options, you can add any names and, for an even more personal touch, a special message. This could be a cute quote, or a date if your piece is a gotcha day gift celebrating the day your pigglies became part of your family. This bespoke artwork can also make for a lovely pet memorial gift to honour and remember lost pets that have crossed the great guinea pig bridge in the sky.

Adorable two guinea pigs A4 art print personalised with names and any message displayed in a white wood frame - Perfect for guinea pig lovers and pet owners

Browse this large selection of guinea pig colours, patterns and fur types to find the illustrations that suit your piggies best:

Adorable right? Treat yourself to your own Personalised Guinea Pig Pet Print today! Shop Here

Request Custom Fur Colours and Patterns from a Photo of your Pet

If you can’t find the right preset options on our colour chart to suit your guinea pig, then don’t worry! If you like, you can order an even more personalised guinea pig pet print and request further customisation of fur colours and patterns from a photo of your pets. The guinea pig illustration will be the same as in our preset designs, but the colours and patterns will be completely unique to your pigglies, making for a truly unforgettable gift.

Once you’ve placed your order, Pawprint’s illustrator, Claire Adele, will reach out to you (don’t worry, she’s very friendly!) to ask for photos of your pet(s). Claire will then design your artwork, sending you preview images and making any necessary adjustments along the way to ensure that you’re happy. Once you’ve approved the final design, your print will be printed and dispatched to you. Easy peasy!

Adorable guinea pigs art print in A4 white frame with personalised fur colours and pet name - a special gift for guinea pig lovers

Request your custom 'Guinea Pig Print from Photo' here

Personalised Engagement or Wedding Anniversary gifts for Guinea Pig Lovers

Did you know that in some countries, it’s against the law to keep one guinea pig on its own? That’s because guinea pigs are naturally sociable animals that need companionship. In the wild they live together in big herds, so as pets they should always be kept as a pair or part of a small group as pet care guides specify in order for them (and you!) to achieve maximum happiness. You could argue that the same is true of people, whether that’s through having a good friendship, being part of a family, or having a partner. If you know a guinea pig-obsessed couple with a wedding on the way, then this Guinea Pig anniversary print makes the perfect wedding or engagement gift, with names and dates personalised to commemorate their big day in the cutest possible way.

Alternatively, if you have an anniversary coming up then this would be a wonderful way to show your love for your other half. Add in any names, dates, and even a personal message to give your piggy-obsessed other half a wonderful keepsake gift to remember. It’d also be the best Valentine’s Day gift idea for any piggly fans who you want to show how much you care.

Wall art of two adorable guinea pigs with personalised names and date for a unique valentines day, engagement or wedding gift

Personalise your Guinea Pig Anniversary Gift Here

Birthday gift ideas for guinea pig lovers

We could all do with a healthy dose of positivity in our lives, and decorating our homes and work spaces with uplifting and inspirational art can be a great way to keep ourselves in a good frame of mind. It’s impossible to look at a guinea pig and not smile, so hanging this piece of feel-good wall decor in your office could help get you through those long dreary days. The cute cuddles you can have when you get home to your piggies will be all the motivation you need to plough through! Or you can give yourself a mental boost by hanging it in your kitchen because if there’s one thing that makes guinea pigs happier than anything, it’s the prospect of food! Having a good look at this little guy while you’re brewing your morning coffee could give your day the early kickstart it needs. It also makes for a great birthday gift for any guinea pig-mad friend which will put a smile on their face every time they look at it - not just because guinea pigs are cute as a button, but because it’ll remind them of you.

Floral guinea pig art print with the quote "It's guinea be a wonderful day" displayed in an A4 frame - a special gift for guinea pig owners

Bring some extra joy into your home with this "It's Guinea Be A Wonderful Day" wall decor - Order yours here

Best Housewarming Gifts for Guinea Pig Owners

There are many things that guinea pig lovers will agree on, but if there’s one thing that’s surely true for all of them, it’s that a house is not a home without guinea pigs. Whether it’s the rustling of them snuffling around in a pile of hay or the excited wheeking when you walk in the room (we know it’s because they associate us with food, but we pretend it’s purely because they’re excited to see us!), the rhythm of life without guinea pigs just isn’t the same. If you’re looking for a housewarming gift for someone who shares this mantra then they’re sure to love this piece. It’d also make a great present for someone who’s thinking about adopting some guinea pigs - it’s all the excuse they need to go ahead and adopt some cute little piggies into their new forever home!

A4 framed guinea pig print with quote "A house is not a home without guinea pigs" - an adorable gift for pet owners

Welcome this adorable Guinea Pig Wall Decor into your home

These guinea pig wall art prints will have you popcorning with joy!

Did you know that guinea pigs ‘popcorn’? And no, I don’t mean get a Saturday job working at the cinema. ‘Popcorning’ is something guinea pigs do when they’re really happy. It means they have these moments of euphoria where they jump, squeak, and bounce around all excitedly - like kernels of popcorn! It’s basically the guinea pig version of the zoomies. A big fresh pile of hay always used to set one of ours off with the popcorning - he’d bulldoze his way through the middle of it, jump around, headbutting the hay everywhere, and then run away to his blanket fort with a nice thick, juicy piece. It was unbelievably adorable. These playful guinea pig prints are sure to have a similar effect, bringing so much joy to the faces and homes of whoever is lucky enough to be receiving them that they might just feel like popcorning themselves!


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