Woodland Animal Pictures For Nursery Collage Wall Art - Gender Neutral Baby Room Prints

The impending arrival of a new little one is always something worth celebrating! Woodland animal pictures for a nursery make for the perfect present, whether it’s for a baby shower or a gift for a parent who’s decorating a baby’s new nursery. Whether it's a tiny little hedgehog, a majestic owl, or a big cuddly bear, woodland animals are not only super cute, but their soft, muted colours mean that woodland wall prints will match the colour scheme of any room. Woodland wall hangings are a popular choice as they evoke feelings of calmness and being down-to-earth, making a woodland theme the ideal starting point if you’re looking for a unique gift that’s sure to be cherished by any new parents.

 Gender Neutral Nursery Prints Woodland Animal Collage Wall Ideas

Gender Neutral Nursery Prints - Woodland Animal Collage Wall Ideas

If the parents-to-be have decided to keep their baby’s gender a surprise then it can be hard to find a gift that will work for everyone. Gender-neutral nursery prints are becoming increasingly popular, even if you do know the gender of the baby, as many families prefer the more neutral colour scheme - maybe it goes better with the rest of the house, or maybe mum and dad don’t want the hassle of trying to paint over bright pink walls when their little one grows up and wants a bit of a change!

If any of these reasons are the case, then our woodland wall prints make a fantastic gift for a gender-neutral nursery theme. The light browns, soft yellows and pale greys of woodland animals will complement the colour scheme of any room - especially as grey is such a popular colour in home decor at the moment! It’s the perfect gift idea for a woodland-themed nursery collage wall and can feature any number of different animals.

Nursery Prints Framed - Deer, Bunny Rabbits, Foxes, Bears, Robins, Owls, Squirrels and Hedgehogs

Our adorable woodland animal print range is one of our most popular. This collection of baby woodland animals includes the kind of animals the parents and the baby might see out on a walk (or even from the nursery window!) - robins, owls, squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes, deer, and bunny rabbits. There are bears too, but if you can see one of those from your windows, you should probably lock the doors! Their earthy woodland colours not only go well with most colour schemes but also with each other, making them the perfect way to fill out a nursery collage wall for any gender neutral nursery decor.

Woodland Animal Baby Room Prints Nursery Collage Wall Homecoming Gift

Our woodland animal prints are available in sets of three, four, six, or eight, and all of our artwork is printed on high quality gallery paper with a lovely soft, matte finish. This gives our handmade prints a natural, hand-painted feel, allowing the artwork to really pop and look right at home in the colour scheme of any nursery or bedroom. At the moment, we’re unfortunately unable to offer our sets with our neutral, solid wood frames, however we are working hard with our suppliers and hope to make this available in the upcoming months.

You can however order individual woodland art prints with frames included for the perfect hassle-free gift that can be sent direct to the recipient, framed and ready to hang straight onto the wall. Please browse all of our individual woodland animal nursery pictures here. Our natural white frames are handmade in the United Kingdom, featuring a subtle wood grain textured finish which complements our woodland prints perfectly.

Nursery Prints Framed Bunny Rabbit Woodland Themed New Baby Room Gift Ideas Wall Art

Twins Baby Nursery Name Prints - Personalised Family Animal Wall Art Prints

Each of our woodland-themed animal prints are available to order in single and twin variations, and can be specified in a variety of sizes in either portrait or landscape orientation. If you’d prefer a more bespoke touch and would like some personalised pictures for the nursery, then you can also customise our woodland prints with a name and date if you know the details. This makes it an ideal gift whether you’re commemorating the date of the baby shower or the birth of the baby and giving you a bit of extra flexibility.

Personalised Woodland Animal Nursery Name Print Bear New Baby Shower Gift Date Of Birth Wall Art

Twin Nursery Ideas for your Baby Room

If the parents-to-be are expecting twins then they’ve got a lot of work ahead of them! Trying to pick a theme for a twin nursery when they may be expecting two boys, two girls, or a girl and a boy on top of everything else may be stressful. Our twin woodland-themed prints feature two of each baby animal and will suit any combination of twins - perfect for all the little brothers and sisters on the way!

Personalised Woodland Animal Twin Nursery Name Print Bear New Baby Shower Gift Date Of Birth Wall Art

All of our baby woodland animal prints are designed to work with even the subtlest of colour schemes, but the high-quality paper and beautiful artwork will let them shine in any room. Twin woodland nursery prints are available in sets or individually.

Personalised Twin Woodland Nursery Prints Animal Wall Art Gender Neutral Baby Room Decor

Are the expecting parents extremely blessed? Are they expecting… triplets? After you’ve poured one out in sympathy for the sheer amount of chaos about to be unleashed on their household, you’ll be thrilled to know that our woodland nursery set is also available with triplet versions. Featuring deer, owls, bears, foxes, robins, and bunny rabbits, our woodland triplet prints will make the perfect nursery collage wall, shining out like a beacon of calmness and beauty behind the inevitable mountain of nappies.

Personalised Woodland Animal Triplet Nursery Name Print Bear New Baby Shower Gift Date Of Birth Wall Art

Personalised Woodland Nursery Prints Animal Wall Art

We have a variety of options for you to customise your prints, making them even more personal as a baby shower gift:

  • Add any little one’s name to their print
  • Add baby’s date of birth for the perfect new baby or christening gift  
  • Create an animal family print with the whole family’s names

For family name portraits, any number of animals can be added (within reason), but we advise:

Up to 10 animals on the small 5x7" option

Up to 14 animals on the medium 8x10" or A4 (8.3 x 11.7") options

Up to 18 animals on the large A3 (11.7 x 16.5") option

This is just so that they don't look too tiny and unreadable on the page when they're scaled down to fit.

Personalised Woodland Nursery Prints Animal Wall Art Robin Family Name New Baby Gift

Woodland Nursery Print Sets - New Baby Keepsake Gift 

Our woodland animal prints can be bought in single prints, as well as sets of three, four, six, or eight. Each set can also be customised to feature the animals you like the most, so if Mum’s as cute and cuddly as a bunny rabbit or if Dad thinks he’s Fantastic Mr Fox, you can make sure the nursery print set represents the recipient as much as possible.

Unique Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts UK 

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Woodland Nursery Decor Ideas 

When we grow up and get a house of our own, we all have ideas about how we want the kitchen to look, or which colours we want to bathroom to be. But when it comes to decorating a nursery it can be a daunting prospect, especially if you don’t know where to start. It doesn’t have to be though - here are some simple points to get you on your way.

  • Start with the general theme - do you want something bright and bold, or subtle and calming? Once you’ve decided what the theme is, it’s easier to shop for items which complement the feel you’re aiming for.
  • You don’t have to pick gendered colours - blue and pink may be seen as ‘traditional’ colours, but your baby doesn’t need to be surrounded by gender stereotypes, especially at such a young age. Instead, pick something that gives off calming, happy vibes, and which will marry up to a variety of different patterns and textures. Your little one will be too busy feeding and sleeping to worry about the colour!
  • Art can transform a room - a room with blank walls can look empty and cold, but too much can make it feel claustrophobic. Making a bit of effort to choose the right pictures and artwork not only show off your personality, but will end up being something that can be enjoyed by everyone for a lifetime. It also gives you something interesting to look at when it’s 3am and your little one just. won’t. sleep.
  • Make it personal - picking generic decor from a shop may look nice, but when you fill a nursery with family photos, handmade crafts, or personalised gifts, that’s what will make a nursery feel nice. It doesn’t all have to match the theme, either - a bit of higgledy-piggledy can really add cosiness!
  • Try and avoid white - sure, white cabinets and fabrics can look nice and clean, but do you know what isn’t always clean? A baby! Coloured patterns and prints will do a much better job of hiding those inevitable stains and spills, while protective covers and wipe-clean fabrics and surfaces will help ensure it’s not too much of a hassle to clean up.
  • Babies don’t need a big nursery room - the most important thing about your little one’s safe space is that it’s warm, cosy, calming, and full of love. 
  • Plan ahead and keep it simple - you really don’t have to go crazy making sure you have the most spectacular nursery in your town before your baby arrives; there are more important things to take care of during that time! Start with the basics and go from there. You can always decorate the room slowly over time, rather than rushing to get everything in place. As long as your nursery is practical, it won’t matter whether the decoration is perfect once the little one arrives - it’ll suddenly become the most beautiful room in your house anyway.

Now all you need to think about is choosing the perfect baby room wall art, head over to our Woodland nursery prints collection or check out our full selection of animal-themed nursery prints and nursery print sets.

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