Farmyard Nursery Decor Animal Wall Art - Gender Neutral Baby Room Prints

It’s always a cause for celebration when a new baby enters the world! Whether you’re expecting parents looking to plan a nursery theme or a friend wishing to commemorate the arrival of the little one, you can’t go wrong with these adorable farmyard nursery prints. Outside of household pets, farm animals will likely be the first introduction to animals that many of us have, and with good reason! From the soft fluffiness of sheep to the shaggy majesty of highland cows and the cheeky energy of a little round piglet, a farm theme nursery is a fun, quirky, yet relaxing route to go down. Regardless of whether or not you live in the countryside, farmyard nursery decor fits perfectly with the theme of any home. If you’re looking for a unique, personal gift that will be cherished by any new parents, these farm animal prints are the perfect place to start. 

Gender Neutral Nursery Prints - Farm Animal Collage Wall Ideas

If the expecting parents have chosen to keep their baby’s gender a surprise, finding a gift that will work for everyone can be difficult. Gender-neutral nursery prints are becoming very popular for a number of reasons, and the neutral colour scheme has the added benefit of being able to easily fit with a variety of interior design languages. It also means that the parents won’t have to worry about too much in the way of redecorating - that’s the last thing they need on top of the beautiful chaos of preparing for a new baby!

For those reasons, our farmyard nursery prints make an excellent gift for gender-neutral nursery themes. A farm theme nursery features a versatile colour palette - the soft browns and calming greys should fit with most decor themes, with pops of bright yellow adding some zing to the room without too much effort. A farmyard-themed nursery collage wall featuring a number of different animals is a fantastic way to welcome a new baby to its home.

 Farmyard animals nursery print set of 4 wall art

Farmyard Nursery Prints Framed - Cow, Sheep, Pig, Chick, Goat, Llama, Horse & Highland Cow

Our beautiful baby farm animal print collection includes all the petting zoo classics - cows, pigs, horses, chickens, sheep, and of course goats - although these ones won’t try to nibble your clothes! The soft springtime colour palette should fit with not only most colour schemes but also look great together. Available in sets of three, four, or six, our farm animal prints are printed on high quality gallery paper which has a lovely textured soft, matte finish. Add this to their hand-painted feel and our artwork makes for the perfect way to fill a collage wall for gender neutral nursery decor.

You can also order individual farm animal prints to arrived framed and ready to hang, making them an ideal hassle-free gift which you can send straight to the recipient. You can browse all of out individual farmyard animal prints here.

Pig wall art twin new baby gift farmyard animal nursery decor

Neutral Pastels Nursery Decor Ideas for your Baby Room

Our adorable Farmyard Animals Wall Art range is one of our most loved as it fits so well with soft shades and cosy textures. Nurseries are all about keeping things bright, airy, and fresh - think pastel colour palettes, natural decor and cute, calming patterns. The mixture of soft pinks, lemon yellows and pale greens featured in our spring nursery decor ideas post just radiates spring - but it also works brilliantly throughout the summer months. Even if it’s a grey and rainy day outside, these colours inject a feeling of natural sunlight which will make your nursery feel comforting and safe year-round. 


Twin farm animal nursery decor print set of 6 wall art

 This farm animal nursery set comes in single - and twin - animal designs and is just about as cute as it gets. The pinks and yellows fit perfectly with the colour scheme and, as they’re printed on high-quality textured art paper, will even add a bit of texture to a room.

Personalised Farm Animal Birth Record Prints New Baby Name Gifts

We also have a farmyard nursery decor baby record print which you can personalise with all of the babys key information - their time and date of birth, their weight, the names of the parent(s), where they were born… oh, and of course, the baby’s name! Whether you’re looking for a gift for a new baby, a baptism, or a christening, your unique personalised farm animals nursery print will be carefully customised to your specifications, making it the perfect newborn welcome gift for new mums and dads. Even if you’re not going for the full farm animal themed nursery, the soft, neutral colours of these baby birth prints will fit right in with any decor and provide a lasting memento of your children forever.

Farm animal nursery decor baby birth record print

We also have twin baby name prints for those parents who are extra blessed. See the full range to find the perfect fit for your little ones’ nursery.

Twin farm animals birth record print new baby gift nursery decor

Custom Farm Animal Name Signs New Baby Gifts

Outside of any family pets, farm animals often provide the first experience of different animals for many little ones. Whether you’re at the petting zoo feeding the ducks and riding a pony or yelling “COWS!” every time you see them on a car journey, the familiarity of farm animals never fails to raise a smile (just try to ignore the smell!) We have a variety of different farm animals for you to choose from, including ducklings, chicks, sheep, and cows.

If you’re after something a little bit funky you could go down the alternate farm animal route - llamas! These cute and quirky creatures are the perfect way to celebrate twins - utterly adorable, but you always have the sense that they’re up to something. These characterful llamas are a great way to showcase a bit of individuality, with the muted colours ensuring it’ll look right at home in any room.

Llama twin baby name and date print farm animal nursery decor

See the whole range of farm animal baby name prints here.

Farm Animal Family Portrait Personalised Gifts Wall Art

If you’d like to feature the entire family in your gift then these unique custom family portraits are a great way to go about it. Once you’ve picked sheep, pigs, or highland cows as your family print you customise it with the names of the entire family at the bottom. Or, if you don’t yet know the baby’s name, you can add title at the top, such as the family’s name or a phrase such as “Our Family”. If you like to plan things ahead of time, then this is the gift for you!

Personalised family portrait pig wall art new baby gift

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